Be it an antique sofa from Southern Europe or the latest in contemporary lighting, the elegance & quality in every PYD product will see you enjoying your living room for many years to come.
The décor of a dining room reveals volumes about the people that get together there. PYD have collections of furniture, artwork & ornaments of every style – from centuries old traditional to contemporary to outlandishly quirky.
There is more to a kitchen than pure function. Every piece at PYD has been painstakingly chosen to bring you something aesthetically distinctive and of the highest quality.
Each of the world-class showrooms at PYD has a unique, exotic or unconventional element for you to create the perfect haven for your comfort and relaxation.
PYD has bathroom collections from exotic fixtures to state of the art LED lit mirrors to bring a little splendour to bath time. Whether your taste is for an abstract, lived-in look or cutting edge contemporary design, PYD has ranges that need to be seen to be believed.
The amazing range at PYD contains something for every lighting scenario – from reading to food preparation to footpaths and car parks. Lamps, pendants, wall lights & integrated systems come together in our stunning collections.
From the mat at the front door, to the hall runner, to the soft, plush living room rug, great floor coverings play a vital part in bringing warmth, comfort, individuality and style to the home.
PYD’s collections extend well beyond the fundamentals to incorporate every aspect of the home. We have the range and expertise to provide for everything from the garden to the office in architectural elements, art, soft furnishings and decorations.